Which is Better for Your Skin: Shaving or Waxing

Which is Better for Your Skin: Shaving or Waxing

Getting rid of unwanted body hair is an ongoing battle for women everywhere.   If you add up all the time women spend shaving their legs over their lifetime it comes out to 72 days…72 days women spend with a razor in hand.  So the age old question comes which is better for your skin: shaving or waxing.  That debate has been going on forever.  Shaving is easy and painless, but the results last about a day.  Waxing, however can be painful but the results lasts for weeks.


There are different types of wax that are used for different areas on the body, typically there is hot wax and strip wax.

Hot Wax:

Hot wax is generally used on the smaller areas of your body.  You would use hot wax to remove unwanted hair from the face, chin, eyebrows, underarms and bikini line.  These hairs tend to be coarser and harder to remove.

Strip Wax

Strip wax is for the bigger areas of your body such as your legs and arms and men will often have their back or chest waxed.  The hair here is far less coarse and it is much more easily removed.

Why should you wax instead of shaving?

  1. The results last much longer

Do you want to spend 72 days shaving your legs?  No, probably not.  Shaving only removes the hair you can see that is above the skin’s surface.  However waxing takes the hair out by the root.  When you wax it generally takes somewhere between 3-6 weeks for the hair to grow back, this will vary for person to person.  Shaving, the hair will start growing back immediately and you’re left shaving again in a day.

  1. Removes dead skin cells

When the wax is pulled from your skin it takes more than the hair with it.  It takes all the dead skin cells too, it is an added bonus.

  1. Your skin is left smoother

Your hair is constantly growing and that is why you have to shave so often.  In a day or two you have stubble and that leaves your skin feeling rough.  Waxing, on the other hand takes far longer for the hair to grow back and your legs are left feeling smooth and without stubble.

Shaving for many women is an everyday thing and you risk nicks and cuts to your skin.  Waxing may take an hour or so out of your day but if you only have to do it every couple of weeks you come out ahead.  Be warned, you must always do a test patch first to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to the wax.

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