Active Ingredients in Anti Aging Skin Care

Active Ingredients in Anti Aging Skin Care

Food is not the only thing people are buying organic, organic skin care is a pretty close second.  Women around the world are starting to look for natural skin care and anti-aging products.  There are still a few skeptics who don’t believe that natural products can work as well as the store brands.  However, they are just as effective and a lot gentler on your skin.

Skin care products, organic or not are only as effective as the ingredients they are made from.  Here are some of the active ingredients in anti aging skin care to check for before you plunk down your cash.


Retinol is one of the best ingredients on the market for treating aging skin.  It is a derivative of vitamin A, and it is naturally occurring in our skin.  It is found in most skin care products on the market now.  It boosts collagen production and reduces fine lines.  It helps with acne, pigmentation and it will improve your skin color and tone.  You cannot mix with benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxides as either of them counteracts the effect of retinol.


Peptides are part of an active protein that instructs your cells to do certain things.  Peptides are the building blocks of healthy looking skin, without them you lose firmness, wrinkles start to show and you will see changes in the texture and color of your skin.

As you age your face loses fat and this causes the skin to sag and when fine lines start to develop.  Peptides can stimulate new skin, and your skin can heal damage by producing more collagen, this signals the muscles to relax and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.  They are not infallible and aren’t the solution to all signs of aging, some peptides will directly stimulate the skin and other that penetrate the skin as a carrier for other ingredients. Also try Dr Oz Skin Care.


Ceramides are naturally occurring molecules in high concentration within your cell membranes.  Every layer of your epidermis contains ceramides and they play a big role in holding the skin cells together.  The make a protective layer that reduces infections and help keep in moisture.  Losing ceramides creates dry skin and that in turn causes wrinkles or even dermatitis.  Here is a video about ceramides and how they work.


Both of these acids come from either fruit or milk and they help remove dead skin cells that build up on your skin and make it look dull.  This encourages new growth of skin cells and they are an ideal exfoliator.  Science have reported improved appearance including improving the appearance wrinkles, roughness and sun damage.

The difference between the two acids is their solubility.  AHA is water soluble and BHA is oil soluble.  If you have oily skin you’re better off with BHA and if you and dry or sun damaged skin then use the AHA.

Remember to look for these ingredients the next time you shop for your favorite skin care products.

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